Tool Dock

Cursor Tool

  • Pan over canvas

    Left mouse drag on a specific area.

  • Rotate canvas

    Right mouse drag on a specific area. (The canvas will rotate from its center.)

Scale Rotate Translate Tool

  • Transform SRT

    Creates or modifies move, rotate, and scale keyframes.

  • Transform Centroid

    Moves the Transform SRT’s centroid. Centroid values are displayed in the Property Dock at the bottom of the Move parameter. Centroid positions can be animated.

Bone Creating Tool

  • Add Bones
    • Add a new bone

      Left click on a blank space.

    • Select a joint

      Left click on a joint.

    • Deselect a joint

      Right click.

    • Add a child bone

      While a joint is selected, left click.

  • Remove Bones

    Left click on a joint.

  • Move Joints

    Left mouse drag on a joint.

  • Bind Objects
    This function only works on bones that have been created on folder objects.
    This tool can bind a specific bone to multiple objects and folders.
    The bound objects will follow the bone completely while the bone’s set influence is ignored.
    You can bind all objects inside the folder.
    Each object’s tag will appear on the canvas along with the bones. Select a bone and object to bind.
    • Modify Bind

      Left click to select a bone, and then left click on an object’s tag. You can also perform this in opposite selection order.

    • Unbind

      Left click on a bound object.

    • Display/Hide a tag for an object

      Left click on a tag’s left button.

  • Adjust Influence

    Adjusts how a bone deforms images by controlling its zone of influence in a capsule shape. A bone will not deform images until you set the zone properly.

  • Expand Influence

    Left mouse drag outward on a bone.

  • Contract Influence

    Left mouse drag inward on a bone.

  • Paint Influence

    A utility to manipulate a zone of influence. You can extend the zone by using the brush.

  • Erase Influence

    An utility to manipulate a zone of influence. You can minimize the zone by using the eraser.

Bone Posing Tool

Poses bones that have been made and set properly.

Mesh Creating Tool

Creates a polygon mesh on a layer object.
Each layer object has its own auto-generated mesh by default, however, you can use this tool to customize the mesh so you will have full control while deforming the object.
The created mesh can be manipulated using the Bone Tool and the Free Form Deform Tool.
  • Add Vertices
    • Create a new polygon

      On a space with no other polygons, left click to make three vertices.

    • Select a polygon

      Left click on a polygon. (The selected polygon will be highlighted in purple.)

    • Add a polygon

      While a polygon is selected, left click elsewhere.

  • Move Vertices

    While no polygon is selected, left mouse drag a vertex.

  • Erase Vertices

    You can remove a polygon with left click on one of the vertices that form the polygon.

  • Split Polygons

    Left click to select a vertex, edge, or polygon first, and then left click over to another edge to split. (Right click to finish splitting.)

Free Form Deform Tool

Freely deform the current polygon mesh.

  • Drag Vertex

    Left mouse drag on a vertex. (You can turn on the “Show Polygon Wireframe” option from the Tool Dock -> ViewSettings)

  • Deform Mesh
    Deforms polygon mesh smoothly within the brush’s boundary.
    By adjusting brush’s blur parameter, you can deform the mesh while minimizing undesirable distortion.
  • Erase Deforming

    Minimizes or erases the deformation that has been added.